(100's of athletes coached with 98% PB rate)

Level Up Your Olympic Lifting...

With an Olympian in your corner, your own custom training plan and an accountability coach to keep you on track we guarantee you’ll get results.

(100's of athletes coached with 98% PB rate)

Level Up Your Olympic Lifting

With an Olympian in your corner, your own custom training plan and an accountability coach to keep you on track we guarantee you’ll get results.

Does This Sound Like You...

Have you hit a plateau with your lifting? 

Maybe you feel a little lost just going through the motions at the gym…

Or maybe you’re just starting out and want the best guidance available

We all have our own goals when it comes to our lifting… might be that 100kg snatch, or it may be just completing your first full snatch… either way, a cookie cutter program isn’t always the right option. 

What if you want to KNOW that the plan you’re following is guaranteed to get you to where you want to go?

Imagine having an Olympian in your corner… with over 16+ years of experience to guide you.

Feeling confident going into every session that you’re making progress on a plan that was designed specifically for you. 

A plan focused around your lifestyle, experience, injuries and ability.

With the chance to get every lift analysed by our team of coaches with personal feedback on what to do to improve next session.

Our coaches listen, and build a living program that adapts as you grow throughout the journey. 

They are always on hand to provide support and more importantly accountability to keep you on track with your goals and make sure you achieve them. 

Our 12 week coaching packages start at around £300 per month, but we do something no other coach will do...

We’re so confident in our team that we GUARANTEE you’ll hit your goals or you don't pay ANYTHING. 

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Book Your 100% FREE Discovery Call

If you’re looking to fast track your Olympic Lifting progress, book a free no obligation discovery call with our Athlete Success Coach to discuss your current training, your goals, and if we might be the right fit to help you.


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How The Discovery Call Will Work

Our discovery call process is a chance for our Athlete success coach to understand your current situation, your goals, and just explore the kinds of training you enjoy. 

He will then provide some guidance on the most efficient styles of training for you, and if you both feel it’s a good fit, he will share some more info about our coaching packages, there’s no pressure to sign up, so book in your call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have to book a discovery call? 
    Our coaching is very limited, so these discovery calls are the perfect way to make sure you would be a great addition to the awesome community we've built and that our training will actually help you achieve the goals you have.
  • Do I have to be training at a gym?
    Not necessarily. Most of our athletes have access to a full gym but some train from home or with limited equipment. All of this can be discussed and clarified on your free discovery call with Oscar our Athlete success coach.
  • How much support do I get?
    As much as you need... seriously! We believe that accountability and support are two KEY factors to getting you results. So during your program you can message the coaches as much as you want, send in as many videos for feedback as you like and join all our weekly zoom calls to chat directly with Sonny.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    YES! We're so confident in our coaching, we're willing to do what no one else is! If you follow our coaching and guidance, and don't get the results we discuss in your initial assessment, we will work with you 100% FREE until you do.
  • How do I access my training?
    After signing up you will get access to TrueCoach which is the partner app we use to allow you to access all your training plans, video demonstrations and to track all your workouts. It will also be where you can get direct access to Sonny and the coaches.


Sonny competed in the Rio 2016 Olympic games & the Commonwealth games for Great Britain. Now on a mission to bring Olympic Lifting coaching into the 21st century away from the dull dungeons and outdated training methods.
As a regular training partner of Sonny, Oscar was able to understand and apply the coaching philosophy Sonny advocates into his own coaching and training. Helping thousands of athletes including Olympians achieve incredible progress in their lifting. 
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