🔥 Limited Spots Remaining For {{MMMM}} 2021 🔥


We currently have open a few spots to work 1:1 with Sonny for a full 8 weeks in our SWA Elite program!

If you want that extra personal touch and accountability to master your Olympic lifting technique, progress your mobility and SMASH your next PB... then this is the perfect program for you!
What is "The SWA Elite Coaching Progam"? 
The Ultimate Custom 8 Week Olympic Lifting Coaching Plan
Achieve gains you never thought possible! Each of the SWA Elite athletes will receive a fully custom 8 training protocol based on the specific goals you want to hit! 
Direct 1:1 Access To Coaching From Sonny Webster
How do you think your lifting would change if you had an Olympian in your pocket 24/7? Get direct access to me through our 1:1 Coaching app where you can ask me questions, send me videos and I'll even let you know which lifting shoe is best 😉.
Personalised Mobility For YOUR Situation
Not all of us start from the same place, or perhaps you're nursing an injury that needs attention?! That's why we take all of the information you provide during your assessment call to craft the ideal mobility protocol for your body!
Accountability and Community
This is by FAR my favourite part of this program. Because we only work with a few athletes at a time we can provide you with close accountability and a tribe of lifters all striving for greatness (this could be achieving your first ever snatch or joining the 100kg, its individual to everyone)!
The SWA Elite Coaching Is Perfect For Lifters Who...
  • Have Hit A Plateau: If you've been training a while and can't seem to break that PB barrier the SWA Elite is perfect for you! Focusing 8 weeks tailored to your specific goals, struggles and progress. 
  • Want a Challenge: I'll be honest... this isn't a "walk in the park" kind of plan! You're gonna put in the work, but the results will be worth it I promise! Each program is designed to be challenging, but still achievable so you're not left feeling deflated or defeated by any workout!
  • Are Looking to Focus on Barbell Work: speaking mainly to the crossfit crowd here... but spending 8 weeks dedicated to barbell strength work & mobility will improve your performance in your WODs massively
Everything Included When You Start Today...
1:1 Assessment With Sonny
Kicking off your plan you will have a 1:1 with Sonny to asses you current situation, what you're looking to achieve and to discover any hurdles (we all have them) that may effect your training and progress. 

You will also be set a "PB" assessment week which will give us current benchmarks if you don't already have up to date numbers for your Olympic Lifts.
8 Week Personalised Training Plan
After your assessment you can sit back and relax (for a short time) because we will get to work building out your 100% personalised training program that will fit into your lifestyle and focus on achieving your goals. 

You will be assigned your training days and protocol inside of our custom SWA Elite training app to log all your numbers and track you progress.
Personalised Mobility Protocol
This is a BIG ONE! Getting to a point where you're moving your best and hitting the PB's you want often comes down to mobility! Alongside your training protocol we will be assigning you a custom mobility plan to do alongside your training to get you moving better. It will also help you to avoid injury and generally recover quicker!
Video Analysis and messenger support
Having an Olympian in your pocket that you can send lifting video to for analysis and review will help you progress 10x quicker! In app you get private messaging and video reviews for all your lifts for the entire 8 weeks!

As well as your video reviews, you'll also be able to ask any lifting related questions and we'll be keeping you accountable to your program!
6 Months FULL Access To The Sonny Webster Academy Training Plans
What do you do once the 8 weeks are done? Well you can choose! As part of becoming an SWA Elite athlete you get 6 months unlimited access to all our training programs inside the SWA Academy. Thats over 14 training plans and a value of over $675! 
Weekly zoom Calls With Sonny
Every week we're going to jump on a Zoom call and chat... about what, who knows?! But it's a chance for you to meet the other SWA Elite members and basically have a virtual beer after sending it for the week! 

I'll go through technique, sticking points, mobility and all things weightlifting related! It's your chance to chin wag with some serious lifters just like you!
SWA Elite Facebook Community
Having a team around you to support and push you is critical to success! The SWA Elite Facebook Group is by far my FAVOURITE part of this 1:1 Coaching program!

You get to share your wins, your struggles, ask questions and show off your brand new PBs that you're going to smash by the end of the program!

The incredible crew in the group are always there to support and help you with everything lifting related! 
SWA Elite 1:1 Coaching Program
  • 1:1 Assessment With Sonny 
  • ​8 Week Personalised Training Plan 
  • ​8 Week Personalised Mobility Protocol
  • ​Lifting Analysis And Feedback From Sonny 
  • ​6 Months Access To The SWA Training Plans 
  • ​Weekly Zoom Group Coaching Calls 
  • ​SWA Elite Members Only Support Group
Sonny Webster
Hey I'm Sonny, I'm one of the worlds top Olympic Weight lifters and experts when it comes to all things Olympic Lifting. I've competed in the Commonwealth Games and the 2016 Rio Olympics as well as coaching thousands of lifters just like to you to achieve success and progression in Olympic lifting.

In this time while teaching seminars and sharing the knowledge from my degree in Sports performance specialising in Olympic weightlifting I've uncovered and developed the fastest and safest way to achieve results with your Olympic Lifts and developed a blueprint that uses advanced techniques you won't find anywhere else online built up from working with world class coaches and making hundreds of mistakes personally so you don't have to. 

I've helped 10's of thousands of lifters from over 63 countries just like you to transform their lifting technique and make massive gains towards personal bests while building a community of incredibly supportive lifters constantly pushing for greatness.
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